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Welcome to Bremen!

About the Convention

In 2019 the Annual Convention of the International Peatland Society (IPS) will be held in Bremen, Germany from May 13 - 15 on the topic

Economy meets Environment & Society: Future Use of Peat and Substitutes in Horticulture

It is our pleasure to host this event in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Moor- und Torfkunde e.V. (DGMT), the German National Committee of the IPS.

On May 13 the IPS has arranged a set of internal meetings to which members of the IPS Executive Board and representatives of IPS National Committees are invited. In the evening an Ice Breaker will give all participants the opportunity to get to know each other, meet friends, colleagues and others interested in peatlands and peat.

On May 14 we have organized a symposium with the focus on growing media – all speakers are invited speakers! See the symposium program below for the names of speakers and presentation topics. Presentation will be in English (most) or German. All slides will be in English. The presentations will be followed by a discussion session (in English). In due course short abstracts will be available on the websites oft the IPS and DGMT, respectively.

In the evening of May 14 the DGMT and IPS warmly invite you to board the ‚Alexander von Humboldt‘ in the harbor of Bremen for a traditional German BBQ (vegetarians and vegans will not be forgotten).

On May 15 you will have the opportunity to choose from two excursions focusing on growing media and horticulture.

Please see the menu of this website for further information or download the

First Announcement (PDF)

We warmly welcome you to join this exciting event.


German Peat Society

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Moor- und Torfkunde e.V.

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International Peatland Society (IPS)

Internationale Moor- und Torfgesellschaft e.V.


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